Who We Are

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to educate our students so they better understand the world we live in, to be good citizens and lifelong learners.

Our community chooses Lalor Primary School because it is a great place to learn – learning is of high quality, it is engaging and fun. We are happy, safe and supportive, and everyone is included and involved as we work and learn together.

Lalor Primary School prides itself on its learning program which is tailored for the individual literacy and numeracy needs of every student.

Our success is evidenced by our NAPLAN results which indicate student growth in English and Mathematics exceeding the similar school and state averages in grades 3 to 5 and again from grade 5 to year 7.

Graduate Profile

By the time our students leave Lalor Primary School they are well prepared for their future as:
• independent, persistent, resilient and respectful learners
• confident, curious, creative critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are inclusive, reflective and driven, yet open minded
• literate, numerate and active, happy people who socialise and communicate well.

Our Core Value is Respect

Treating everyone and everything in the school community (and beyond!) well.

Meet our Staff

Trevor Robinson

I have been the principal of Lalor Primary School for the past six years and have 28 years of experience in education in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.
I am a strong advocate for public education and always strive to get the best outcomes for our students and families.

Rae Parish
Assistant Principal

This is my 14th year at Lalor Primary School as the Assistant Principal and are passionate about student, parent and staff welfare ensuring inclusiveness and access to educational programs and support agencies where needed.
I have also led many curriculum programs and have been a literacy leader in several schools across the northern suburbs, teaching all grade levels and specialist roles across schools in my 30 years of teaching and still consider myself a lifelong learner.

Janene Tessari
Business Manager

I am the Business Manager and I have worked at Lalor PS for 25 years. I love the school and its community.

Debra DeBono
Office Manager

I have been a staff member at Lalor Primary School Community for 16 years.  I started as an Education Support in the classrooms and then moved to the office as the Office Administrator.  It is a wonderful working environment and community to to be part of.

Merryn Austin

I have been teaching at Lalor Primary School for over 10 years. I have taught from Senior to Junior School including Digital Technology, Visual and Media Arts. Currently loving teaching in Learning Community 1.

Melissa Vukelic

This is my eighth year working as an educator. I have enjoyed working in a variety of roles and educational settings during this time as an EAL/D teacher, literacy intervention and classroom teacher.

Shauna Hassett Teacher

As an educator have worked in a variety of settings across all grades as a CRT. From working in so many different settingS I have gained many skills to support student development in this role. I am excited to be part of the Community 1 team and to help students achieve their goals and become confident and resilient learners.

Louise La Ferlita

I have been at Lalor Primary school for over 15 years, both as an SSO and teacher. The community at Lalor PS is both welcoming and rewarding and I look forward to the many wonderful and exciting challenges ahead.

Jo Elhage

I’ve been at Lalor Primary School for 7 years working as a visual arts specialist, literacy intervention and classroom teacher.

Louisa Le Phan

I am currently embarking on my 18th year of teaching – 15 of those years have been at Lalor Primary. I have been fortunate enough to teach across all primary year levels throughout my career.
I am passionate about empowering students to be the best they can be through inclusive learning.

Anita Osmanovska Teacher

I am a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners. I have worked at Lalor Primary School for the past 17 years as an oral language specialist, literacy intervention and classroom teacher.

Dwain Barakat Teacher

I have worked at Lalor Primary School for close to 15 wonderful years in various roles including Classroom Teacher, Specialist – Physical Education and currently as a Maths coordinator.

Trey O’Sullivan
Physical Education

I’ve been at Lalor Primary School for three years as and I’m so happy to join the team as a PE Teacher.

Talia Papas
Visual Arts

I have been a teacher at Lalor Primary School for over twenty years in various classroom and coordinator positions. Currently, I am teaching Visual Arts across the school. I am passionate about art and craft.

Rosa Ilardi
Literacy Intervention and Oral language

Rosa is an experienced teacher across all year levels and is currently our oral language and literacy intervention teacher.

Tatiana Sokolovski
Literacy Support

I am a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners. I have worked at Lalor Primary School for the past 17 years as an oral language specialist, literacy intervention and classroom teacher.

Ziggy Degenhardt
Mental Health & Wellbeing Coordinator

As an experienced primary school teacher, I have taught all year levels at various schools across Melbourne. I have a passion for student wellbeing and am fortunate to have the position of Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator. My role involves working with teachers across the school to support our students to develop their social and emotional wellbeing.

Vivian Lee
Educational Support

 I have been at Lalor Primary School Community for 5 years working as  OSHC Educator and  Education Support staff.  My key values are cooperation, respect and caring for our environment! ​

Patrice Ladson
Educational Support

A member of the Education Support team at Lalor PS for 6 years and First Aid Co-ordinator. I value inclusion, diversity and enjoyment.

Diana Edmonds Educational Support

 I have been part of the Lalor Primary School community for 5 years as Education Support. I’m passionate about supporting students to help them achieve their full potential.

Ali Saitta
Educational Support
Ryan Smith Educational Support
Paula Yacoub OSHC Coordinator

I have been the Out of School Hours Care Coordinator at Lalor Primary School for the past 21 years and have 26 years of experience in the Department of Education for various roles.

Luke Mitchell
Student Counselor & Mika
Therapy Dog

I have worked with high-risk youth since 1998 and worked with schools since 2010 in various roles.  Mika is a Kelpie-Whippet rescue dog who came to live with me as a puppy.  We completed our International Pet Therapy Dog testing and training with K9 Support in 2019 and he has been a wonderful work mate ever since. We love making students feel better about themselves and chasing the occasional ball.

Sahr Hmish Community Liaison